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"Medical Arrow is the first multilingual medical website worldwide, made by Medical Doctors to offer a new vision in Medical Care. We are here to advise you and to find the best medical care for any condition. Our Services Arranging initial online consultations with appropriate specialists Scheduling the needed facilities for treatment; Helping with guides and language translations Organizing transportation Accommodation Arranging post-treatment care; Arranging needed relaxation and rehabilitation in SPA facilities”. was established in the early days of the Internet, in July 1998. Over the last two decades, themed on ¡°serving life sciences and serving high quality suppliers¡±, Bio-equip has provided the users in the fields of life sciences, medicine research, biological pharmacy, bio-engineering, modern agriculture, food safety, environmental monitoring and forensic science with the industrial information in terms of devices and instruments, reagents, consumables, lab animals, cell lines, books, biological R&D service, second-hand instruments and instrument repairs. 

There are two versions, the Chinese version ( and English version ( So far over 30,000 companies have registered as members and provided over 1 million product entries in the Chinese version (, The daily visits exceed over 60,000.. The English version (, established in 2006, is the only English website in this field. Until August 2018, over 1,000 companies from both at home and abroad have registered as members, covering the fields of manufacturing, sale and agency of instruments/reagents with over 100,000 product entries. is the second project of our company preceded by, which gave us an immense experience on the Russian market of Health and Beauty. So we decided to expand internationally with the launch of

The main objective of is to introduce the medical approach of post-Soviet republics to the foreign audience and vice versa. We help our customers and assist them in selecting clinics and doctors throughout the world. We firmly believe medicine has no borders and we want to prove it! 

There are 50 000 clinics worldwide represented on our platform, we work in close contact with medical institutions and doctors from 15 different countries.

Following the 2015 launch of, in 2020 was based on our 5-year experience and accumulated knowledge.

Bio Partner UK is the independent, accredited trade organisation that promotes international partnering for trade, investment, and collaborations with UK life science enterprises. Bio Partner’s UK Delegations promote the UK presence at international conferences. We work with conference organisers, in-country agencies, and overseas networks to provide the best business opportunities for our members and UK companies travelling with outward delegations. Bio Partner also provides access to government grants and entry fee discounts for all UK-based organisations. is the one-stop destination for millions of academics and international conference planning firms from across the globe! Serving not only as a source of reliable, precise and up-to-the-minute information on all sorts of academic events that are scheduled to take place in cities and countries throughout the world, this website also offers conference organizers a unique platform to reach out to their target audience and attract bigger crowds to their events effortlessly, by posting details of their forthcoming events!